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Step #1: Convenient Document Submission

Send your documents to Icon Legal Process Service in the most convenient way for you. Whether through email, PDF attachments via our user-friendly website form, or traditional mail, we've got you covered.


Step #2: Tailored Instructions

Include any special instructions you may have, such as personal service preferences, specific sub-service requirements, or preferred timings. You can use our online form on the website to streamline this step.


Step #3: Real-time Updates

Upon receiving your documents, we swiftly log them into our system. You'll receive notifications at every stage of the process – from document status to job status. Choose to be informed via email, our web form, or through ServeManager.


Step #4: Efficient and Law-Compliant

Service Rest assured that our services are performed quickly and efficiently, adhering to all laws in the jurisdiction in which they are issued. We offer the option of video/audio recording with GPS and time stamp logs to ensure the integrity of your case. Immediate notification follows once the document has been served.


Step #5: Prompt Return of Paperwork

Your return paperwork will be sent to you within 48 hours of completing services, using your preferred method. Specify your desired manner of return in your initial instructions – whether it's an affidavit, return of service, notarized documents, etc.


Choosing Icon Legal Process Service means choosing a partner dedicated to providing top-notch legal support with a commitment to transparency and efficiency. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and simplify your legal processes.

Whether you're an attorney, a business owner, or an individual in need of legal support services, Icon Legal Process Service is here to simplify your legal processes and provide you with peace of mind. Explore our website to learn more about our services and how we can assist you. Thank you for choosing Icon Legal Process Service as your trusted legal support partner.  We look forward to serving you.
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Icon Legal Process Service. Waterloo, IA 

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